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Smoke Free Movies? Yes, Please!

Are you a movie buff?  New movies hit the theatres and the DVD rental box every week: movies for kids, action movies, romance, drama.  Kids and adults flock to theatres or to RedBox, popcorn in hand and watch with rapt attention, taking in fantastical or real-life-impersonating images of heros and heroines doing wildly exotic (or drudgingly normal) things.  The results of our movie watching vary: sometimes we are simply entertained, sometimes we daydream about what could have been, sometimes our spirits are ignited towards a better future, or sometimes our peers model and we learn destructive behaviors, like how to smoke cigarettes, drink too much, or roll a joint.

Wait, did I say that?

Did you know, of the top 10 movies out on film last week (March 21, 2011), 50% of them feature smoking? And that of the top DVD rentals for last week, 60% of them feature smoking?

All this movie-trailer dramatic intro language exists here to say

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Joe Cool? Joe not so cool!

In line with yesterday’s post on adolescent smoking, a study was recently published that finds that cigarette advertisements and teen smoking are associated.

camel advertisements shown on outside of a convenience store

As reported on CNN, a study was recently done in Germany where researchers examined the role advertisements play in teen smoking uptake. More than 2,000 non-smoking teens were shown advertisements- eight ads for cigarettes and six ads for other varied products. During the nine months that these advertisements were seen, researchers report that 13 percent of the teens in the study took up smoking. In addition to being associated with increased exposure to cigarette advertisements, other factors were noted as contributors as well including older age, lower socioeconomic status, and having peers who smoked.

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Big tobacco has done it again! They’ve found a way to circumvent advertisement restrictionyoung girl smoking cigarettes, so finds a recent study done by researchers at the University of Otaga, Wellington, New Zealand. Their study examined YouTube and unsurprisingly enough, found a good amount of pro-tobacco videos on the site.

Most of the pro-tobacco clips found in the study included images related with a particular tobacco brand or people smoking the branded product. Not only does branding appear, but the researchers commented that,

It is disturbing to note that some of the pro-tobacco videos appeared to be of a professional standard, many followed similar themes within a brand and large numbers contained images or music that may be copyrighted to tobacco companies but have not been removed.”

Tobacco companies denied allegations that they are intentionally using YouTube as a means of advertisement.

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