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FDA cigarette label

Tobacco companies sue FDA over graphic warning labels

We’ve reported before on the FDA’s latest proposed warning labels for cigarette packages, the ones including a man breathing through a tracheotomy hole, a small child being harmed by smoke, a  cadaver, and teeth and gums mangled by cancer, among others.

The major tobacco companies have decided to fight this proposed labels and are suing the FDA. These five companies – R.J. Reynolds, Lorillard, Commonwealth, Liggett, and Santa Fe Natural Tobacco – argue the government is violating their First Amendment rights to free speech by forcing them to tell clients not to buy a lawful product.

What do you think? Is this an issue of free speech or public health? Where is the balance? Should we put graphic warning labels with pictures of people who have lost limbs due to diabetes on McDonald’s Big Macs? Should cigarettes be outlawed altogether due to their deadly nature and high costs to society? Or, should personal freedom trump all in America?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Big tobacco has done it again! They’ve found a way to circumvent advertisement restrictionyoung girl smoking cigarettes, so finds a recent study done by researchers at the University of Otaga, Wellington, New Zealand. Their study examined YouTube and unsurprisingly enough, found a good amount of pro-tobacco videos on the site.

Most of the pro-tobacco clips found in the study included images related with a particular tobacco brand or people smoking the branded product. Not only does branding appear, but the researchers commented that,

It is disturbing to note that some of the pro-tobacco videos appeared to be of a professional standard, many followed similar themes within a brand and large numbers contained images or music that may be copyrighted to tobacco companies but have not been removed.”

Tobacco companies denied allegations that they are intentionally using YouTube as a means of advertisement.

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