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Local Governments take Legal Action against Opioid Manufacturers

In response to the Opioid Epidemic currently being faced in North Carolina and the US, several local jurisdictions have taken steps towards legal action against the manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids. Over four hundred federal lawsuits have emerged from local governments across the country, and these have been consolidated into a lawsuit in Ohio….

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STOP Act: Implementation and Effects Part II

Earlier today, The News & Observer reported that thousands of doctors in North Carolina were breaking the recently passed STOP Act, by over-prescribing prescription opioids. In a previous post I briefly explained provisions under the STOP Act, STOP Act: Implementation and Effects on the Opioid Epidemic in North Carolina. Based on preliminary data from the…

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Looking at Our Health Care System

By now, we’ve probably all heard statements comparing United States’ health care against other countries- we have the most expensive healthcare (1), we have many suffering due to lack of access (2), medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy  (3), etc.  Then we’re met with opinions who like our healthcare system stating that Americans…

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Health Orientations for New Patients

Orientations for new patients are one technique for setting the stage for positive patient experiences with a new clinic, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the healthcare system. These orientations have been shown to be successful in reducing stress for cancer patients, preparing patients for beginning psychotherapy, and reducing no-show appointments in a primary…

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