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Celebrities, Social Media, and Mental Illness

.indented { padding-left: 50pt; padding-right: 50pt;} By Jacob Rohde Earlier this month, Selena Gomez opened up to Harper’s Bazaar magazine about her struggles with mental illness [1]. When asked about her upcoming plans for the new year, Gomez responded: “I will always start with my health and my wellbeing. I’ve had a lot of issues…

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How many teens are sexting?

When we go on the internet and listen to stories, we often hear comments about sexting among teens.  With all of this talk, it may sound like this is something that all teens are doing.  However, according to a study published this week by JAMA Pediatrics, only about 14.8% of teens have sent these messages,…

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Dear Apple, Keep doing what you are doing

The new Apple Watch commercial “Dear Apple” has the world talking after its debut during this year’s Winter Olympics. It’s personal, heart wrenching and most importantly highlights the incredible impacts of it’s less advertised features. This commercial emphasizes that this technology could revolutionize healthcare and provide life-changing health support. It features anecdotes of a car…

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Achieving Health Equity and Justice through the Reproductive Justice Framework: keynote by Monica Raye Simpson

This past Friday marked the 39th annual Minority Health Conference, which is the largest and longest run student-led health conference in the world. This year’s 20th annual William T. Small Jr. keynote speaker was Monica Raye Simpson, who is the executive director of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, gave a keynote address titled:…

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Customers are threatening companies with boycott if they do not end to their association with the National Rifle Association (NRA). Lists of companies that offered NRA membership perks were shared on social media, and within 24 hours at least eight companies cut ties. Advocates for reform targeted companies on Twitter and Facebook to engage in…

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Supplement to Save Lives

“Having a baby changes everything.” Most parents can relate to this once popular Johnson and Johnson montage; however, no one quite understands the changes that take place as much as mothers.  During pregnancy, women undergo both physical and cognitive changes.  Elevated prolactin levels promote lactation and memory disturbances do in fact occur [1]. To facilitate…

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