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Weekly round-up

Here are some stories we’ve been reading this week. Got something to add? Share it in the comments. Docs claim transplant cured man of HIV, but experts urge caution (BusinessWeek) Year of mystery meat: Covert blogger eats school lunch every day (MSNBC) FDA report reveals the amount of antibiotics used on farms (Earth Eats) What…

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Tweens bully too

A recent article in Time points to the issue of tween bullying. They argue that although teen bullying is being brought to the attention of the public through television shows like Glee or campaigns like “It gets better”, younger adolescents, ranging anywhere between 8 and 14, are being ignored a lot of the time. This could definitely be…

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Move over Cookie Monster! Health communication hits Sesame Street

Four new Muppets are joining the cast of Sesame Street: Broccoli, whole wheat bun, low-fat cheese and banana.  According to an article in Time, the characters, who aren’t permanent additions to the cast, made their debut Dec. 8 in a clip that emphasized healthy snacks and the importance of eating as a family. According to…

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Entertainment education: A way to eliminate health disparities?

Health communication is an emerging field, with many of its uses still coming to light. It was not until 1975 that health communication was recognized as a subset of the field of communication and not until  1996 that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed an office of communication. For the first time, in…

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