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Condom use in adult films: From South Africa to Los Angeles?

HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic and South Africa has it the worst with nearly 6 million people infected, and 1,000 people dying every day. The NY Times reported yesterday that Tau Morena, South African producer of the new adult film Mapona, has scored three firsts: he made the nation’s first all-black pornographic movie, all of…

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Questions about sex: Maybe kids should do the talking

A number of sexual health interventions are aimed at adolescents, but maybe these programs need to target another group? Time Healthland reported that baby boomers are really the ones participating in more sexually irresponsible behavior. These findings come from a study released in October in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study, conducted by researchers…

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Weekly news round-up

Here are some (OK, a lot this round!) stories we’ve been reading this week. Got something to add? Share it in the comments. In food court, restaurants high and low are equals (NYT) Spanish fathers entitled to breastfeeding leave (CNN) Women’s health groups launch campaign for copay-free birth control (NPR) It’s not over yet: Chilean…

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Gluten: Friend or foe? Depends on your gut.

A study published recently in the Annals of Medicine reports that cases of celiac disease are on the rise, but especially in the elderly. Celiac disease occurs when one’s digestive tract can no longer tolerate gluten, a protein found in wheat. Katherine Hobson reports on the research, which tested people in the U.S. and Italy,…

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