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Shortage of health workers prompts media messages by the Global Health Workforce Alliance

Last month, leaders and innovators in global health from around the world gathered in Thailand to share experiences of and solutions to problems facing health workers. In addition to organizing the meeting, the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) used a variety of health communications strategies and methods to raise awareness about health workers, the critical…

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Commentary: How does globalization shape health communication?

Have you ever reflected on how the field of interdisciplinary health communication is shaped by globalization?  Globalization comes with baggage: sometimes, it is perceived as ‘progress.’ Other times, as a oppressive force that keeps the rich, rich and the poor, poor. Still I reflect on how the process, itself, shapes our research and practice. Consider…

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Ultrasounds available with the help of smartphones

The FDA approved a smartphone-based portable medical ultrasound unit last week, according to an article in Time. The system requires little equipment—just a wand, some gel and a Windows Mobile-enabled smartphone, according to the article. Because of its small size, MobiUS could be helpful in remote or rural locations, and could provide opportunities for easy…

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Crossing borders to trim waistlines

We’ve written a lot here on Upstream about the growing obesity problem in the United States and strategies being developed to combat it. A study just published in Lancet further confirms that obesity continues to increase almost everywhere in the world. How are other countries addressing the issue? We don’t have to go far to…

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