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Book Review: The Medical Library Association Guide to Data Management for Librarians

Federer, L. (Ed.). (2016). The Medical Library Association Guide to Data Management for Librarians. Rowman & Littlefield. The Medical Library Association Guide to Data Management for Librarians (published by Rowman & Littlefield; September 2016; $65 paperback or $125 hardback) attempts to prepare librarians to meet the growing demands for data management assistance and instruction with chapters…

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Congrats to Our Grads!

The Interdisciplinary Health Communications (IHC) program at UNC-Chapel Hill, which houses the Upstream blog, is an inter-departmental initiative in the new science of health communication. This year, several wonderful students are graduating with degrees or certificates through IHC. Let’s recognize them! First is Arshya Gurbani, who has earned her MA in Media and Communication: Next…

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Dr Lisa on the Streets: An approach to improve health literacy

Health literacy has become a buzzword not only in the public health world but in general. As the technologies, treatments and advancements are improving the quality of medicine, the way that these new discoveries are communicated are not. One physician and public health professional has made it her mission to increase the awareness of the…

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The school year’s end tends to be accompanied with deadline crunches and stress. So as with the closing of last semester, I would like to end on a reflective note. The concept of quicksand was brought up in casual conversation and I got to thinking about how my mental schematic was entirely informed by action…

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“Organic Pesticide” Feels Like an Oxymoron

North Carolina was in the top ten states (we were number 10, but still) of certified organic commodity sales in 2016. People purchase organic because they believe that it is healthier and safer. How true is this? Admittedly, this is an overwhelming question. My primary response is that more research is needed. Until then, here…

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