About Us

Upstream is a blog, hosted by the Interdisciplinary Health Communication (IHC) program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with the goal of encouraging dialogue and debate on health communication.

The IHC program at UNC-CH fosters synergy among several disciplines including: media and journalism, public health, information and library science, and psychology. This makes the program a uniquely interdisciplinary place to conduct research and receive graduate training in health communication.

For more information on the IHC program at UNC-CH, please visit our Website: ihc.unc.edu.

Meet the Upstream Writers

Spring 2017

Arshya Gurbani



Managing Editor

Fall 2016:

Shauna Ayres



Editor of Outreach and Guest Blogging


Aria Gray

Aria Gray


Editor of Social Media and Analytics


Courtney Luecking

Courtney Luecking 10


Editor of Outreach and Comments


Faculty Advisors:

Joan Cates

Seth Noar