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What does a doula do?

Doulas provide support to expecting mothers throughout all stages of the pregnancy. Labor doulas are the most common type of doula, but there are also antepartum doulas, postpartum doulas, and abortion doulas. Today we are going to talk about labor doulas.

Labor doulas help mothers create a birth plan, address fears and concerns they have about birth, and provide emotional support throughout the birthing process. Most doulas are not medical professionals, but are instead women who are experts in the birthing process.

Having a doula is associated with significant positive outcomes. Women who use doulas report less pain in the birthing process and are less likely to need a c-section. They also help decrease the length of labor by up to 25 percent!

Pregnant women in the Chapel Hill area can take advantage of UNC’s volunteer doula program. This program, Birth Partners, provides women giving birth at UNC hospitals with a professionally trained doula, free of charge!

Women in other parts of the US and abroad can search DONA International to find a birth or postpartum doula to assist them through the birthing process.