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New Year’s Resolutions: How to achieve them in 2018

As the holidays are quickly approaching, schools are letting out for their winter breaks, work holiday parties are filling up our weekends and everyone is ready to put behind this year and begin anew.  Over the years my resolutions have been the stereotypical ones: eat healthier, go to the gym and usually tend to break them by the end of January along with the majority of Americans.  About 40% of Americans make resolutions each year with only about 8% achieving their goals. How do we go about making our resolutions more successful?

A CBS News article published some tips on how to make your resolutions more achievable:  

  • Be honest with yourself
  • Stick to one thing
  • Make your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely)  
  • Adapt your environment
  • Track your progress
  • Celebrate with success and be compassionate with setbacks

Happy resolution making!!

  • Josh Boegner

    I’m right there with you on making resolutions and not sticking to them, but this is a helpful list of ways to combat that. Personally, I am going to be trying to maintain a “mainly” vegetarian diet in the coming year, and will definitely be keeping these strategies in mind. Also, such a creative way to utilize SMART goals!

    • Arshya Gurbani

      Seconding @joshboegner:disqus on the cool way to use SMART goals! Thanks for this article, Hannah–will keep it in mind as I, too, try to exercise more regularly, even and especially during busier school times. PS-josh, let me know if you need some recipes for the veggie life! Good luck to us all on our goals!

  • Andrew Bradford

    If only accomplishing these resolutions were as easy as setting them, then the world may be a better place! The tips to alter your environment and track your progress as both very important to accomplishing any goal you set. Not to mention, both are backed by behavior change theory as tactics that help us reach out goals. Thanks for the insightful tips as the new years approaches!

  • Matthew Johnson

    I agree with Arshya and Josh. This is a great post. I actually tend to avoid going to the gym in January because it’s always so crowded, so I can’t really complain about people changing their minds about their fitness goals. However, I also find it difficult to keep track of my progress at the gym. It’s difficult to keep good records about it, though I think fitness trackers, smart scales, and other apps are useful for that though.