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It’s Not Me, It’s You: Signs that its time to Break Up With Your Doctor

By: Aria Gray MPH: Maternal and Child Health candidate 2017

I recently broke up with one of my doctors, and while it was a difficult decision, I felt much better once I decided not to see that provider anymore. The doctor was recommended to me as a great expert in the field, but I never felt that they were truly listening to me, which is why I ultimately left.

However, finding a new doctor can be difficult. Learn more below to see if it is time to make a change in your health care.

Poor Communication: It is important to understand your condition and diagnosis as well as the recommended course of treatment. Make sure to ask follow-up questions and to communicate to your doctor that you do not understand. However, if communication issues are still not resolved, it may be time to make a change.

Poor Listening Skills: Patient care should be adjusted based on the needs and experiences of each individual patient. If there is a medication or treatment plan you have tried without success or are not willing to pursue, your doctor should listen to your thoughts and feelings and make a treatment plan accordingly. If you feel your doctor isn’t listening to you, find one that will.

Long Wait Times & Limited Access to Care: If it commonly takes you weeks or months to get an appointment with your doctor or if you consistently face long wait times in the office, it may be time to find a new doctor. It is important to receive prompt treatment and also to have your valuable time respected.

As I mentioned, making the decision to change doctors is not easy, and the process of finding a new doctor is often not easy (not to mention all of the paperwork!). Follow these tips for an easy transition to a new provider.

  • shaunala

    When I moved to NC to attend grad school, it was difficult to find a doctor I was comfortable with. I had to "shop" around before settling on one. It can be a frustrating process to keep going to different doctors, and yes, the paperwork alone is enough of a deterrent. But it is so important to get a doctor that fits your needs just like any other relationship. Going to the doctor may not be an exciting or fun experience, but it shouldn't be dreaded or avoided either. For those searching for a new doctor, remember there are many fish in the sea and there is one for you out there. Don't give up or settle. You will find Dr. Right. 🙂