Removing HIV with laser

Could HIV will be cured by laser?

Patience Mthunzi, a research group leader at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Pretoria, South Africa, stated a thought-provoking idea on eradicating HIV by shooting laser beams on membrane of infected cell. Personally, I really love this idea, although the laser technique is not seem very feasible for current situation and is in an earlier stage before an “early stage.”

What’s the advantage of laser compared to current treatment for HIV patients?According to Mthunzi,  the potential advantage of laser with the comparison to current treatment is that laser does not suffer from drug bioavailability. Currently, swallowing pills is the treatment for HIV carriers. However, swallowing pills to get medication is a quick, painless but often not entirely effective way of treating disease. The drug bioavailability decreases as the pill passes through different organs and finally reaches the bloodstream. Nevertheless, unlike swallowing pills, laser is able to deliver drugs directly to cells infected by HIV. There is no dilution for this treatment. As a result, laser treatment will be more effective than swallowing pills for HIV patients.

How is it possible? Laser scientist shoot a vey powerful but tiny laser beam onto the membrane of HIV infected cells. With a three-head device, anti-HIV drugs will be delivered directly within the cells. The first head is laser, by using the first head, this device will make an incision of the targeted cell. The second head camera is able to monitor the whole process. Finally, the third head: drug sprinkler is able to directly deliver the drugs to the cell while using the first head to poke the cell again.

Although this treatment for HIV patients might not seem feasible right now, laser will be an effective treatment to eradicate HIV in the body one day.

Photo credit: http://www.thesouthafrican.com/three-sa-women-on-forbes-youngest-power-women-in-africa%E2%80%99-list/