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The Future of Healthcare Marketing: Insights from Dewey Mooring

Dewey Mooring, Vice President of Jennings: Healthcare Marketing, explained the three simple rules of marketing success to the authors of Upstream this week. To read more about them, check out yesterday’s blog post. Although these basic principles will probably continue to serve as the foundation for marketing, Mooring also pointed out some unique features of healthcare marketing and the way that the landscape of the field has been changing.

As is the case for most modern-day advertising, Mooring has seen a large shift from TV and print ads to more digital advertising. For example, when it didn’t make sense for one of Mooring’s smaller clients to run an expensive TV ad which would probably have gotten lost in the oversaturated Boston market, he instead created short ads to precede the YouTube videos that were played in the area.

Another new advertising approach that hospitals are adopting is creating ads that lead to digital platforms where consumers can interact with their brand on a regular basis, like Lowell General Hospital’s “Our Circle of Moms” blog, instead of trying to sell them a healthcare procedure. This allows hospitals and other healthcare providers to create a relationship with consumers and achieves Mooring’s goal of creating a relationship so that, “people come to you when they need you, not when you need them.”

Mooring pointed out that when someone has a medical emergency, it isn’t the hospital’s marketing that is going to be the primary decision-making factor for people. This is one of the reasons that Mooring predicts that in the future, health communication professionals will be in greater demand then marketing and advertising professionals, as hospitals increasingly create programs to promote and improve health, rather than focusing on getting people into the hospital for treatment.


How do you predict the future of healthcare marketing may look? What kind of relationship do you want to build with your healthcare network or provider, and how could these new healthcare marketing trends facilitate those relationships?

  • liran2016

    Yes. I totally agree with the point that health communication professionals will be in great demand. Currently, the marketers try hard to create and develop the demand of the general public for being healthy. Because the potential consumers do not realize they have the demand for certain services or products, like watch for cardio work out. As a result, the marketers have to dig the demand of these services or products and try to sell them. However, in the future, with the high awareness of being healthy, people will know what they really need. Thus, there is no need for marketers or advertisers to create a market for healthy services or products, instead, health communication professionals will be in need partly because of the services they provided.

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