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Eat fat to burn fat

Is it true that people can lose weight by having full-fat foods?

Traditionally, fat played a role in the development of obesity. By reviewing the results from 28 clinical trials, it is concluded that a reduction in total energy intake, especially fat, is needed to reduce weight.

However, there is a new diet that breaks weight-loss rules. The high fat diet, proposed by nutritionist Zana Morris and health writer Helen Foster, claims that dieters are able to lose up to 10 lb in 14 days and not to feel hungry by having this full-fat diet.

Like other health experts who advocate for the high fat diet, Morris and Foster believe that fat has been wrongly treated as the main cause of obesity. Actually, fat can help people losing weight. In other words, people need to eat more fat to get rid of the excess fat.

How does this diet work?

The science behind this new diet is the influence of fat on insulin, the hormone whose job is to bring glucose to cells during eating. Glucose is the sugar for providing energy in our body normally. With the fat, the level of produced insulin is very low so that there is not enough glucose brought to the cells. In order to get enough energy to work, the cells switch to using existing fat from using glucose. In this case, existing fat (“ketosis” technically) will be reduced and as a result, the fat cells get smaller and lighter. Therefore, people with full-fat foods are able to loose weight.

This new diet is proved to be effective in losing weight not only by Zara herself, but by a new article published in the New York Times. It says that Jen Miller, an amateur athlete, lost 25 pounds by having high fat diet and doing exercise.

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  • jess202015

    This is an interesting concept – I'm not a huge fan of fad diets that tout certain foods as better than others (or worse than others, in some cases), especially when the person developing them comes from a gym background and has no official nutrition science training. It is interesting though, especially since the recommendations for the updated Dietary Guidelines include bringing back full-fat products such as whole milk. Because of the way fat is metabolized, it also helps you feel fuller for longer, which may help with cravings that some dieters experience. I'll have to check out the book!