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brilliant healthcare app created for the competition

On September 20, 2015, a group of students won two prizes at the inaugural Triangle Health Innovation Challenge including the Grand Prize ($4,000) and the Validic mHealth Prize ($500 + $ 5,000 in Validic API credit). In addition to $9,500 in cash and credit, this winning team had a chance to talk about their product and their experience at Health 2.0 NC Triangle’s Meetup Event.

The inaugural Triangle Health Innovation Challenge (THInC), three-day event, was organized by  the Duke School of Medicine Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity Group, and the Carolina Health Entrepreneurship Initiative. THInC brought together not only 127 participants, but engineers, clinicians, designers, business people, students and others who want to build innovative solutions for the biggest challenges in current health and healthcare system.

Formed by 127 participants, there were 15 teams joined this competition. Each team chose one specific “pain point” in health at first. In the next 48 hours, they worked together to build a technological solutions to address the chosen health problem. These 15 teams were judged by evaluating the impact of the solutions on the health issues and the business plan.

The device created by the winning team was a wearable tracker for physical therapists to monitor the performance of their patients. One of the biggest benefits of this device was that it would give real-time feedback to the patient , said Tannya Cai, an undergraduate researcher at Duke. Because most physical therapy is on patients’ own time, if patients don’t do their physical therapy at home regularly and correctly, the risk for re-injury will increase. Therefore, this device could largely help patients to avoid additional injuries, said Pershad, a senior biochemistry major at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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  • dpuglia37

    I find the whole concept of the Triangle Health Innovation Challenge really fascinating and exciting. I think that gathering young, creative innovators together to address health has a lot of potential for solving the health problems facing our society today and it reminds me a lot of the think tanks that have produced amazing solutions in the tech industry.
    Also, the winning idea of a wearable tracker is interesting and very relevant considering the popularity of wearable fitness trackers right now. I wonder if their proposed physical therapy tracking program could be integrated into current fitness tracker technology?

    • liran2016

      Interesting idea! I also wondering whether this new tracking program could be integrated into current fitness technology. Because current fitness trackers cannot really reflect the real exercise people have. In particular, the Smartwatch counts the steps based on the movement of your hands. In this case, the chance of counting wrong steps is very large. But with this new physical tracking program, this problem may be solved.

  • shaunala

    This app is ingenious! As a former physical therapy patient myself and growing up with my grandparents who intermittently attended physical therapy, I know that after a surgery or injury exercising can be intimidating. The fear of doing harm to your body can sometimes impede actions and intentions to strengthening it. Getting real time feedback on exercises at home would be invaluable to a speedy recovery.