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#SmashDiabetes: What to Do With Your Pumpkin Post-Hallows Eve

What is so great about fall?  Pumpkin carving time, of course!  It is a great activity for families or a group of friends to do together.  It is great fun, even though it does require a lot of work, a dose of creativity and can be a little messy.  Pumpkins designs can depict different facial expressions, school logos, or any other creative idea the carver can come up with.

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Not only is carving the pumpkin fun, but the pumpkin seeds and pulp can be used to make delicious fall treats.  Have you ever roasted your pumpkin seeds?  They are easy to make and a nice healthy treat!  Here is a super easy recipe!  Additionally, who can forget the pumpkin pie (or pumpkin cheesecake) at your Thanksgiving meal!

Are you still on the fence about getting your pumpkin and carving a creative design?  Here is one MORE reason to do so!  There is a campaign starting on November 1st called Smash Diabetes.  The Smash Diabetes website invites you to

Join us and awesome people all over the world in ridding the earth of rotting, foul smelling pumpkins and gourds while raising awareness about the frustration of living with diabetes.

The goal is to post a video online of you smashing your pumpkin, using the hashtag #smashdiabetes.  Will you be smashing diabetes November 1st?  Will #smashdiabetes be the next #ALSIceBucketChallenge?

Happy carving and don’t forget to smash your pumpkin along with diabetes on November 1st!

*Photo Credit: Amanda Mezer


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    It seems like there are many causes that are seeking to create campaigns to raise money and awareness on the heels of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. What do you think contributes to the success and what explains which campaigns make it big like ALS versus other campaigns that may not have experienced as much success?

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