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Your Public Health Ideas Wan-TED


Remember that great TED talk, the one you secretly wished that you came up with? You might have even thought about how that brilliant idea could be used for public health practice. Even if you might not be able to implement that idea, someone out there might.

Thanks to Talk Back To TED, it’s now possible to share your new public health ideas in response to the growing collection of TED talks. Simply use the hashtag #TalkBackToTED to share an application of a TED talk to a public health issue or use it to search for ideas from fellow practitioners, researchers, and enthusiasts.

Developed by Peter Mitchell, the man behind the original anti-tobacco “truth” campaign in Florida, and Bill Smith, eclectic behavioral marketing specialist, Talk Back To TED was featured in the 2014 National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media.

Have an idea? The world may just depend on your ideas worth spreading.



  • mezer2014

    This is such a great idea. I have found that the average person has brilliant ideas and to use them to help target messages to them by giving them what they are interested in is great. It will probably bring more people to watch Ted Talks, which I find great and interesting. I first started watching them when I was required to for a class, but I will now go on and see what has been posted just for leisure.

    • reikanihc

      I agree! Especially with the frequent scenario of having limited resources in the public health field, the need for creative, innovative ideas is ever important. With the high visibility of TED Talks, I can see how centering discussion around the particular topics and ideas can lead to relevant and applicable solutions.