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Who The .health Does This Website Belong To?


You may know what to expect when you access a website that ends with .com, .org, .edu, or .gov, but what about .health? Get ready to see this, since the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been bidding several health-related generic top-level domains (gLTD) such as .health, .doctor, and .med to various companies.

Global health organizations such as the World Health Organization consider the transactions controversial, since ownership of health-related domains can undermine the public’s ability to retrieve information from credible sources. These domains and websites associated with those domains can be worth millions of dollars.

Many internet users understand that the source behind websites ending with .edu or .gov may have the credibility of educational institutions or governmental organizations, respectivel, especially since these websites require third party accreditation. However, these new health-related domains do not appear to have any systems in place.

DotHealth, LLC is a company that recently acquired the .health domain, which means it can sell .health websites to different organizations. The same domain owned by a public health organization could be used for dissemination health information, but it could also be used by a company to associate its products with health.

What do you think about .health and other domains?



  • mezer2014

    I think that it will not attract as many users. When the internet gets more and more complicated with different domains, it will cause frustration and people will just give up on using those types or sources or potentially the internet for research. These people are the people that probably need the information the most.

  • yeah right, i think .health domains will help to get more users to reach to the correct platform.

  • IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) keeps records of website domains information, which you can look up using the 'WHOIS' protocol.

    There are many free online WHOIS services, just google for 'whois'.