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My Doctor says NO to the Flu Shot

Influenza is rapidly spreading across 47 states according to CNN Health.  Have we reached the peak of flu season? Apparently, we will not know for a couple of weeks.

However, should we be surprised at the wide spreading of these nasty coughs and sneezes? Shouldn’t we see less and less of these outbreaks with the introduction of the flu vaccine? The answer is NO for two obvious reasons- 1. The flu vaccine is not mandatory like other vaccines i.e. measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and 2. The effectiveness of the vaccine is quite controversial; even in the medical field.

At the end of the CNN article, they posed the question, “Did you get vaccinated? Tell us why, or why not…”  212 comments have already been posted. The most interesting was from two commenters; one explaining that he informed his doctor he would not get the flu shot because he was not convinced it was effective and the doctor retorted him either. In obvious disagreement, another commenter replied that THIS doctor should have his license revoked and was incompetent.

Is commenter two fair in their judgments? Medical doctors take the Hippocratic Oath and pledge to basically protect and preserve the well-being of their patients. We often crucify MDs for just wanting to dope us up and send us on our way. However, when we come across a physician who listens to us and communicates their own reservations- we want to revoke their license?

What do you do when your doctor says something that goes against the medical norm?


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