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Drink soda to lose weight?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could drink as much soda as you wanted and not gain weight? And the soda would prevent you from gaining weight from eating other foods as well? Wait no longer, Pepsi has developed a “fat-blocking” soda. The Pepsi Special claims to reduce the absorption of fat with the help of the fiber-rich starch, dextrin—this claim stems from the idea of an association between fiber-rich foods and weight loss.

Do we think this will work? Will people lose weight? History tells us that the equation is not that simple. For some reason, when some individuals read that a food item is low-fat that means that you can consume more of it. Overconsumption of anything is bad! We can predict this will be the case with the Pepsi Special. Ordering a large Pepsi Special with a Double Whopper and a large fry will not lead to weight loss.

Unfortunately, commercial products like these with outrageous health claims, take away from the message to eat right and exercise to maintain proper health and fitness. We are always searching for a quick fix. Fortunately, this product has not made it to the United States shores as of yet. In the event, that we see it pop up on your local Wendy’s menu, let’s hope it will not be labeled as a fat-blocking soda.


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