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A First: Uterine Transplant from Deceased Donor Allows for Live Birth

Innovation within the field of organ transplantation has grown tremendously in the past decade. Amongst this progress is a new story of success from São Paolo, Brazil. A new study, revealed that for the first time ever, a baby was delivered via a uterus which had been transplanted from a deceased donor. The mother had…

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A Lack of Vacc’s in this “Mild” Flu Season

Every year, our immune systems are exposed to a new strain of the flu. The flu evolves and changes constantly. This is why we have to get a new vaccine or “flu shot” every year. However, as the viruses change, so does the severity of their disease. The impact of the flu virus is unpredictable,…

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Winter is a Soup-er Time!

We are already in the month of December and soon winter will be upon us.  Crazy, huh? One of my favorite foods to cook during the cold, winter months is soup! I love how versatile soups can be. I love to toss all sorts of hearty, healthy vegetables and meats into my soup. Soup can…

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